Sometimes, it’s not the thought that counts. And we have the unfortunate gift stories to prove it.

If you’ve ever received an unfortunate gift and politely smiled on the outside while slowly dying on the inside, this is the place to laugh it off and let it all out.

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I was 17 when Fluffy, my beloved dog, died. I got Fluffy from my father, just before he decided to skip out on my mother and I. Losing my dog was one of the most tragic and devastating experiences.

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Steve loved fishing so all our getaways were ‘accidentally’ somewhere near a lake. It bothered me to hear him talking all the time about rods, reels, baits and so on. Three years after, my now husband organized a surprise party for my 30th birthday.

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‘Life is like dice, so watch the ones you're rolling with.’ This is what my uninspired ex-boyfriend taught me when he gave me this present for Christmas.

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I work as a dentist in San Diego. One day, one of my patients gave me a huge bottle of ketchup as ‘a present’. It was HUGE, I think it had one gallon or so.

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Things changed a lot when one of my best friends got pregnant and had a baby. Every time we met, that was the only thing we talked about. I really love her, but she kept going on about how the baby eats, how the baby sleeps, plays, poops, crawls, gurgles.

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I started working in a new company for a week or so before my birthday. My new teammates knew nothing about me at this point but decided to get me a birthday gift nonetheless as the custom asked.

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My grandmother is the most adorable and thoughtful person in the world. When she heard that my boyfriend and I were going skiing in Austria, she got really worried because of the cold weather. So for Christmas, she knitted gloves for both of us.

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Imagine A, B, and C where: — A is me — B is my cousin — and C is my cousin’s brother.

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