About us

MOUG is not about stuff you just don’t like. It’s about hilariously bad timed gifts, thoughtless gifts, face-palming gifts, awkward gifts, and any other “are you freaking kidding me?” gifts. We’re using the stories we collect to make the world a better place for thoughtfulness through the wonderful device of cringe-worthy thoughtlessness.

How we see it

There’s a reason you want to gift something to someone. Love, goodbyes, thank yous, IOUs, I miss yous, the fuzzy warmsies – all the good stuff. So, if it’s coming from that place already, stay on track.

Get it right before you give.

About MOUG

Ask yourself:

Is this gonna make them happy? Laugh? Aw? Gush? Launch their baby voice?
Does this hit all the right feels?
Is this weird, but in a good, their-kind-of-weird way?

A gift is not just for someone. It’s about someone. And about kindness. And time. And thoughtfulness.

So, instead of giving something for the sake of giving something, try giving something for the sake of it meaning something to that someone.

And if that doesn’t work, well, at least we’ll have more unfortunate gift stories to share.

Our Goal

Gather as many stories, open a pop-up museum, travel around the world with it, and make unfortunate gifts history.