Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as an unfortunate gift?

Anything bad-timed, thoughtless, face-palming, cringe-worthy, awkward, “are you freaking kidding me?” kind of gift.

How do I submit my story?

Go to the submit story section, write it, record it, send it, never regret it. While venting is important, please try to keep it short (2 mins max.)

Do I need to send you the actual gifts?

Not yet. We’ll email you if we need to see it to believe it.

Will I donate my gift for good? Or do I ever take it back?

I mean... do you even want it back? Our goal is to collect all unfortunate gifts and show them to the world. So, short answer: we’d like to keep it. But you’ll have solid visiting rights?

Is shipping covered?

So covered.

Does everyone’s story get published?

Unfortunately, not. It’s not a competition, though. Think of it this way: if your story didn’t make it through, it might not have been that bad of a gift.

When and how will I know if it’ll be published?

We’ll get back to you in 5-7 days.

Is everything anonymous?

Yes. Totally. 100%. On every platform and planet you can imagine.

Are the submissions English only?

Even though disappointment is a universal language, we’d appreciate it if you’d write or record your stories in English. But if that’s a no go, tell it in whatever language you feel, and we’ll figure it out. We commit like that.

Am I an ungrateful piece of ****?

Maybe. But shitty gifts are still shitty gifts.

What if I haven’t found an answer to my question?

Write us at