The Boomerang Shirt

An Unfortunate Re-Gift

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Imagine A, B, and C where:

— A is me

— B is my cousin

— and C is my cousin’s brother.

So the story goes like this. One Christmas I (A) got a shirt. I didn’t like it, so the first birthday party I went I decided to regift it. That’s how the shirt got to my cousin (B). My cousin (B) hated it as well and did the exact same thing as I did: he recycled it and gave it to his brother (C) as a Christmas present.

2 years later, his brother (C) comes to my birthday and gives me (A)… the exact goddamn shirt I got rid of a while ago. I couldn’t help it and I confronted both of them. They didn’t say anything in the first place but after a couple of drinks, they admitted: it was a hideous shirt with a hideous color. We all hated it.

The Boomerang Shirt
The Boomerang Shirt