The Dice

An Unfortunate Gift from My High School Boyfriend

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‘Life is like dice, so watch the ones you’re rolling with.’ This is what my uninspired ex-boyfriend taught me when he gave me this present for Christmas.

Ok, maybe it’s too much to call him an ex-boyfriend. Let’s say someone that I used to know and dated for about three months at the end of high school.

I remember he came from a wealthy family and being so full of himself, he set a standard and somehow suggested we should give each other expensive gifts. So, I borrowed money from my parents, not to disappoint of course, and I bought him a huge present: a sweater, books, and cologne.

The day we had to exchange the presents came and I was very excited. He told me to meet him at his mother’s house, but on our way there he decided we should make the exchange in the building’s hallway. What a jerk.

Ok, so I gave him the present and he loved it of course and, when my turn came, he took a small wrapped box out of his pocket. I opened it and I was shocked.

He gave me five wooden dice. His explanation was that those were very expensive dice and I should be very impressed by them. I was so impressed that I decided not to answer his calls anymore.

The Dice

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The Dice