Submit an Unfortunate Gift

Ever received an unfortunate gift?
Join the club.

Write it, record it, never regret it.
Someone’s cringe is someone else’s binge.

While venting is important, please try to keep it short (2 mins max.)


MOUG is not about stuff you just don’t like. It’s about hilariously bad timed gifts, thoughtless gifts, face-palming gifts, awkward gifts, and any other “are you freaking kidding me?” gifts.

Fortunate facts

Everything is totally anonymous. If you accidentally (or purposely) name names, we’ll rename your names. It’s just the fair way to deal with the unfair.

Also, even though disappointment is a universal language, we’d appreciate it if you’d write or record your stories in English. But if that’s a no go, tell it in whatever language you feel, and we’ll figure it out. We commit like that.

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